Replacement Engines and Gearboxes Leicester

When your car is in need of a new part, buying one from new and getting it fitted can be a costly experience, especially if it’s a large part you need, such as a gearbox or new engine. If you’ve got a car that is in need of a quality replacement part, we have thousands of used car parts in stock which will suit virtually any car on the road today. And, when it comes to replacement engines and gearboxes in Leicester based Howkins Motor Spares is certainly the place to come, because we pride ourselves on being able to offer thoroughly tested, competitively priced and quality car parts that will be just right for you.

30 Day Warranty on All Replacements

Not only are all of our cars thoroughly tested to ensure they’re in excellent working order, we also offer added peace of mind in the form of a 30-day money back guarantee to give you extra reassurance. So, if on the slim chance, you’re not completely happy with the part, our 30 Day warranty on all replacements means you can bring it back in to us and get your money back with no problems at all.

All Engines and Gearboxes Tested and Working

The tens of thousands of car parts that we have in stock are suitable for all vehicles including BMW Audi, Mini, VW, Seat and Ford and all of our parts are thoroughly tested and checked to ensure they’re in good working order before we’ll allow them out of our sight. With all engines and gearboxes tested and working you’ll know that you stand every chance of being safe and sound once you’re back on the road again. For larger parts, such as engines and gearboxes we even offer free delivery or a collection service.

So, for free advice and guidance on which part would be best for your car, either fill out our online query form, or give us a call today.