Starter Motor Leicester

6 Common Starter Motor Faults

As the weather gets colder, we’re entering the season where people more increasingly find their cars won’t start. You know that dreaded feeling, waking up on a cold and frosty morning, getting in the car to go to work and when you turn the key, the silence is deafening… or there’s just an ominous click. […]

How to pick a scrapyard Loughborough

How to pick a scrapyard Loughborough

Scrapping your car has never been easier and that’s thanks to government legislation put in place in recent years to tackle the problem of abandoned cars head on. Now, if your car has been written off or seen better days and you are wondering how to pick a scrapyard in Loughborough or Leicester, then there […]

Car breakers Leicester

Car breakers Leicester

Has the time come to scrap your car? There’s always a first time for everything and if this is yours and you’re looking for car breakers in Leicester, it might all seem a little daunting. In recent years scrapping your car has been made a lot easier, thanks to new legislation which requires scrapyards to […]

Why scrap your car in Leicester?

Have you been involved in an accident which has left your vehicle beyond repair? Perhaps the insurance company has written it off because the cost of repairing it is higher than the value of the car itself. If you’re asking yourself why scrap your car in Leicester, then you could be pleased to know that […]

Insurance Write Offs Explained.

People often imagine that an insurance write off means a car so badly damaged in an accident that it is beyond repair. As such it will be written off and sent to be scrapped. This is, of course, right in one sense, but did you know there’s actually so much more to it? In our […]

Replacement Windscreen Wiper Motors In Leicester 

Cars are complex creatures, full of a whole host of mechanical and electrical parts that can sometimes go wrong. Often when this is the case, it’s something small that can bring you all manner of nightmares and when your windscreen wipers stop working, it’s a perfect example. You might think those little wiper blades aren’t […]