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How To Save Money When Buying Car Parts

There have always been arguments about the pluses and minuses of buying something brand new or second hand. It’s a tough one to weigh up the benefits of having the first go with something, compared to the cost effective nature of buying a product which works just as well as the day it was made, […]

Starter Motor Leicester

6 Common Starter Motor Faults

As the weather gets colder, we’re entering the season where people more increasingly find their cars won’t start. You know that dreaded feeling, waking up on a cold and frosty morning, getting in the car to go to work and when you turn the key, the silence is deafening… or there’s just an ominous click. […]

Can You Trust Second Hand Car Parts?

There have always been arguments about whether or not used genuine car parts are better than new parts but can you trust second hand car parts? Over the years there has been some bad publicity about the use of second hand car parts but this has mostly originated from either new part manufacturers, who want […]

Replacement Lights for Your Car

If you are looking for replacement lights for your car we can help. We have a huge range of quality, tested replacement lights. The even better news is that you can save up to 80% off new RRP! Maybe you have had a bump, your car has been vandalised, you’ve accidentally reversed into something or […]

Replacement Car Door Windows Leicester

Have you recently suffered a shattered window due to a break in of your car or perhaps you have had to break a window yourself due to lost keys? Whatever the reason your glass is broken we are the place to go for replacement car door windows Leicester. At Howkins Motor Spares we can supply […]

Collection of spare car body panels

Quality Used Car Parts For Sale!

Here, at Howkins Motor Spares, we have loads of thoroughly tested and top quality used car parts for sale in Leicester available for you to buy. We have been in the spare parts industry for over 30 years, and our top quality used car parts are fairly priced and ready to go right off the […]

Spare Car Body Panels Leicester

Car accidents come in all shapes and sizes and occur frequently on our roads for a variety of reasons. If your car is unfortunate enough to be involved in one of them, the incident itself can be stressful at best. That’s why, when it comes to sorting things out after the event, it would be […]