Spare Wheels and Tyres in Leicester

So, you’re on a drive with the family, you go over something in the road, or catch a hidden bit of kerb and bang… all of a sudden the car’s gone sluggish and you’ve got yourself a flat.

Great! No worries, you think to yourself, I’ll just change the tyre… But, it might be at this point that you discover that your car doesn’t have a spare, in fact, it only has a puncture repair kit and the instructions on how to use it are, shall we say, trying…

And, if you’re incredibly unlucky, the flat has taken place in the middle of nowhere, with a good phone signal a distant memory.




What fun! According to the website Honest John, only eight per cent of new cars are now sold with a full size spare wheel as standard, while 25 per cent use thinner space saver wheels which will get you a short distance at a lower speed. The majority of new cars are now sold with only a tyre repair kit as standard, which can be difficult to use and only useful for a smaller puncture.

This could be the reason why breakdown service call outs have soared in the last five years and may also be why motorists are now buying spare tyres to keep in their boot to avoid the problem in the first place. If you’re one of these people and are looking for spare wheels and tyres in Leicester, Howkins Motor Spares could very well have your answer…

Wheels and Tyres For All Makes and Models

When you check out our range of vehicle spares, you’ll see that we have lots of wheels and tyres for all makes and models in stock, allowing you to be prepared for a tyre failure in advance, saving you time and money in the process.

Steel Rim and Alloy Rims in Stock

Not only can we provide tyres and car parts for any make and model, we also have steel rim and alloy rims in stock, which will have you back on the road in no time, wherever your breakdown takes place.

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