Car breakers Leicester

Car breakers Leicester

Has the time come to scrap your car? There’s always a first time for everything and if this is yours and you’re looking for car breakers in Leicester, it might all seem a little daunting.

In recent years scrapping your car has been made a lot easier, thanks to new legislation which requires scrapyards to become an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) in order for them to be allowed to scrap your car.

It also means, instead of having to pay through the nose to have your car taken away, there’s now every chance that, not only can you have your car scrapped for free, but you may also get some money back in return.

Why? Because car breakers such as our team at Howkins are able to dismantle a scrap vehicle and salvage any useful and working parts to be sold on as spare parts and used again.

Scrap my car Leicester

If you’re looking for a scrapyard Leicester has a few to choose from, but do they offer the kind of service that matters to you?

For instance, will they collect your vehicle for free from wherever in Leicester you are? Can you be assured that you’re getting the right price for your car after it has been written off?

If you’re wondering how can I scrap my car in Leicester, then we can make things easy for you. Just follow these few simple steps and you’re laughing.

  • Use our handy calculator for an online valuation.
  • Find your V5C log book (keeping the yellow slip) – you’ll need to take it with you to the ATF
  • and you might be surprised by how much you get back in return.
  • Make sure you take the car to, or have it collected by, an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) and they take it for free.
  • The ATF will inform the DVLA when the car has been scrapped and you will get a Certificate of Destruction – so there’s no longer any need to worry about road tax or driving penalties for this vehicle.
  • After the scrapping is complete, as well as walking away with cash for your scrap car, make sure you also get a refund for any unused road tax or car insurance.

Scrapyard in Leicester

If you need a scrapyard in Leicester, as we mentioned above, the most important thing is to be sure that you take it to an ATF – a facility which has been licensed by the DVLA to dismantle cars and dispose of them in the correct and most eco-friendly way.

Don’t be put off by the thought of scrapping your car, because unlike how things were years ago, it’s actually a pretty straight forward and pain free process.

What are car breakers?

If you are wondering what are car breakers, then let us introduce ourselves, because at Howkins Motor Spares that’s exactly what we do. Whether you want to think of us as car breakers or simply a Leicester scrapyard, our job is to dismantle cars, have them scrapped using all the correct legal processes and then, after we’ve tested any useable parts thoroughly for quality, we’ll sell them on to our customers who are looking for spares.

When your car has been written off, make the most of the whole scrapping process. Get in touch with us today to find out more.