Our Top 5 Tips To Scrapping Your Car This Summer

Our Top 5 Tips To Scrapping Your Car This Summer

So you’ve found yourself with a car that has been written off by the insurance company, or is so badly damaged in an accident that it’s beyond repair.

Maybe stuff has been going wrong with your car lately but you’ve decided it’s too old, or of too little value to sell on. What next?

Whatever the reason, if you’re thinking ‘where can I scrap my car in Leicester’, then check out our top 5 tips to scrapping your car this summer.

Gone are the days of paying through the nose to have your car scrapped and, in fact, you could come out with a bit of money in your pocket too, so here’s how to do things the right way:

  • Get an online valuation to find out how much money your vehicle is worth as scrap.
  • Take it to an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) for free and they will ensure the correct scrapping procedures are followed, such as safe disposal of dangerous materials and liquids.
  • Give the ATF your V5C log book (keeping the yellow slip) and you’ll often get money back in return.
  • The ATF will inform the DVLA when the car has been scrapped and issue you with a Certificate of Destruction as proof. This way you will be no longer liable for road tax or driving penalties.
  • Get a refund for any unused road tax or car insurance.

Why Should You Scrap Your Car

The rules around scrapping your car were brought into force several years ago, to make scrapping easier for drivers when their car was written off.

It was also done with the aim of reducing the nationwide problem of abandoned cars, which were being left in the countryside and set on fire, causing damage to the environment and costs which ran into the millions.

Not only does this new method of scrapping your car benefit you as the road user, because you get money back for your vehicle, but it costs the government less money to deal with the problem and ATFs have to be registered by the DVLA to ensure they scrap the car in a way which is kindest to the environment.

A DVLA registered ATF is also able to benefit, as they can sell any reusable parts on as spares.

How To Pick Your Leicester Car Scrapping Company

At Howkins we take great pride in following all the porrect procedures when it comes to scrapping your car, giving you the best possible price for it that we can.

And we ensure that any parts we are able to salvage are tested for quality and safety before being passed on to our customers.

Scrap Your Car In Leicester Today

If you’re wondering how to go about sorting your vehicle out, once it has been written off by the insurance company, or it is beyond repair, then you can find out more about how to scrap your car in Leicester today with our friendly and professional team at Howkins. We look forward to being of help.